Searching for a beta reader for an OC 'Verse fic series

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I'm looking for beta on a series of OC 'Verse fics. Basically, a couple of artist and writer friends and I were mourning the lack of "old school" Firefly fandom (and mourning the loss of a really great Firefly RP campaign), and decided to go ahead and make the Firefly fan opportunity we'd always wanted. We've gone ahead and created our own Firefly vessel, the Jin Dui, and populated her with a crew OC characters, whose efforts to keep flyin' will be explored through the art and fic we create.

I'm looking for fresh eyes for beta reads -- in particular, other writers who can bring fresh eyes to the fics and help me make sure the 'Verse flavor remains strong 'n true.

Need a Beta Please!

Pen name: Mercy Me
Ships: None yet, no plans for any in the near future
Max Rating: So far, nothing over PG-13; again, no plans for anything higher in the near future
Weaknesses: Wordiness (I like to hear myself write), staying true to the 'verse
Links: I'm very new to this.  I have been a writer for years, but I've never written fanfic, and have never posted anything on LJ.  Thus I have no links.
Availability: Like I said, I'm very new to this.  I'm trying to write one story a week, mostly on Tuesday and Wednesday, as I work weekends.  Hopefully, I'll get faster as I go.
Other Info: Right now I'm writing for sci_fi_prompts and would like a pair of eyes to give my fic a once over before I post it. There are 25 prompts, but I certainly don't expect the same person to beta all of them!  Any help is very much appreciated.  Send me a message or email (mercy_me8108 (at) yahoo (dot) com) if you're interested.  Thanks!
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Beta looking for work!

Pen name: I go under lunaspec_gimmy on LJ and geminiginny on
Ships: I'm willing to edit Jayne/River, Mal/Inara, Zoe/Wash, Jayne/Kaylee and Mal/River, as well as original character fiction and slash or femmeslash. I do draw the line at Tamcest, it creeps me out no matter how good the writing is, and Mal/Jayne fiction tends to make me laugh when it's not supposed to.
Rating: I will go from G to NC-17.
Strengths: I'm good at spotting an overabundance of metaphors and adjectives, but my greatest strength is probably with technicalities such as grammar and spelling. I am a very speedy reader and have a semi-photographic memory which allows me to recognise spelling mistakes very easily; very irritating if you're writing an essay next to me in English class.
For links to writing samples it would probably be better to message me and ask for one of my literature essays. The fanfiction that I posted on is, for the most part, years old and written before I completely lost interest in Twilight. The one fanfiction that doesn't fit this description is an ongoing project that I write with my friend during latin lessons, so a) you won't know what's me and what's her, and b) it's basically crack. Although quite entertaining. According to friends. Otherwise, I've really lost interest in the writing side of fanfiction.
Availability: I am in school most of the time but since I'm addicted to the internet I have plenty of time after school to work on editing. It will not take me long to scan, edit and email a chapter to an author as I have been known to spot all mistakes in a friend's story or essay in under ten minutes.
Other information: I don't have IM so it will be strictly email correspondence. Since I am from the UK allowance for time difference will have to be considered. I did spell recognise with an s not a z, as my irritating American computer was kind enough to point out, but if you want to keep your spelling American don't worry, I'm not THAT picky. Unless you're British. In which case I will be brutal.
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pen name: Annathema
ships - Mal/Inara, Jayne/Kaylee, Kaylee/Simon, Jayne/River
maximum rating - NC-17 would be my max, but I usually keep it PG-13 to R
weakness(es) - I tend to be too wordy
link(s) to any writing samples -
availability - I write 1 to 2 stories a week right now, more if I've got some time of work, less if I've got a big event coming up.


pen name: Annathema
ships - I'm not picky at all; I'll read any ships.
your maximum rating - NC-17
your strength(s) - Spelling, Grammar, sentence structure, the technical aspects of writing.
link(s) to any writing samples
your availability - I can beta most nights of the week except Wednesdays. It takes me 30 minutes to a couple of hours to beta a piece once I've got it in front of me.
other pertinent information- I'm not online a lot except late at night, and I can't use any instant messenger programs, so if you want to chat, we're stuck with email.

writer looking for quick one-off beta!

I'm just looking for a real quick look over a fic for a fic swap that's due on Thursday, so if anyone has a quick turn-around please let me know!

Here are some details, but I don't want to give too many away as it's an anonymous fic swap and I don't want to reveal the whole thing before it's due and posted.

your pen name littlealex / Alex
characters Mal-POV, Zoe, but I think they're all in there at some point. Post-Serenity
rating good ol' NC-17, but it's not PWP, it's more angsty.
word count about 1600
your weakness Oh my god the Chinese. You'd think, after studying Chinese for nine years, and knowing a bunch of swear words, I could throw off a few sentences in a story? No way. I need serious help with that, I don't think there's a lick of Chinese in there. Also need to make sure the voice of Mal is right and the grammar is just the right sort of wrong.
link(s) to writing samples if you click here you'll get my other fanfic - SPN and Harry Potter - but I've not written Firefly before! So be gentle. :-/

I really need this to be done before Thursday evening Australian time, so that's probably... late Wednesday night/wee-hours Thursday for EST.

Thanks in advance!
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beta(s) needed for long fic

I'm looking for a beta for a fic I've been revising and rewriting for something like forever (or at least the 2 years since the movie). I need a beta (probably more than one, see length) to work with me on the final draft so I can finally post it. It's half a novel in length (25,000 wds--yep, I'm serious). River POV, Mal/River 'shipper fic, heavy on the Western influences, involves the whole crew, set in future-canon, post-movie. See below for my particular needs.

your pen name - natalexx
your ships - Mal/River (there's also some Simon/Kaylee in this)
your maximum rating - PG-13
your weakness(es) - In this particular fic, I have a very specific issue, and that is comment and semicolon use. I'm deliberately bending the rules of grammar, but I *don't* want them to break. I need someone who is comfortable enough with the rules of grammar to point it out when I've gone too far, as opposed to when I've used the rules in an unconventional manner.
link(s) to any writing samples - index of my fic (I've written two long FF/BSG xovers, and the shorter post-Serenity fic Love and Other Unscientific Matters)
your availability - Pretty much always online this summer. Available via IM through arrangement. Always reachable by email (natalexx at gmail).

If this sounds daunting, no worries--any help/fresh eyes at this point will help me out! The idea of revising this (again) all in one go terrifies me, too. This is a huge fic. I'd be happy to divide it into chunks for multiple betas (5,000 wds? open for discussion) and potentially might post them as they're edited.
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Name: Ann
Fic ship: Wash/Simon (one sided so far), one sided csi, ending on Wash/Zoe/Simon
Needs: A mini series betaed.
Rating: Changes between fics, nc-17 in places
Weaknesses: grammar, rambling
Writing samples: (The fic i really need betaing to start of series).

I have undertaken the stagesoflove challenge, which means I will be writing 5 ficlets to follow the fic above, all of which I post on a thursday to the comm. But before i post to the archives and my journal after the challenge has ended, i would appreciate somoen betaing for me.

Thanks :)
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Writer - Beta

Writer Info:
your pen name thefalloficarus soon to be hisalbatross
your ships Currently I write Mal/River, with side plots of Kaylee/Simon, but I've been pondering a move over to the dark side and writing a River/Simon (not a permanent move mind you, but just a peek)
your maximum rating I intend to reach NC-17 one of these days but I think I've maxed out at pg-13/Rish right now
your weakness(es) I rush when I write, I'd like someone to read through and offer second opinions if possible.
link(s) to any writing samples
availability I write as often as possible.

Beta Info:
your ships I will beta: Mal/River (preferred but not required), Jayen/River, River/Simon, and Femme Slash. I am more than willing to beta other pairings upon request, but I might not be the best judge of characterization and such.
maximum rating Give me anything from G - NC-17
strength(s) I've majored in english and writing. I'm not surprisingly fantastic with the editing, but I'm useful enough to offer my services.
For all other information see answers in the "writing" field of this entry! :)

If you spot me and want me to beta please leave a comment for me, and if you'd like to be my beta then you are super awesome (and I'm always up for more than one beta, so the more the merrier if by any chance multiple people are wowed by my fics. lol :)
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Beta for a one-shot

Pen-name: bending_sickle
Characters: Simon and River (non-CSI)
Rating: G
Weakness: Concerns are the flow of the story, dialogue, Crazy!River POV and nitpicky language details like which word works best in a description or whether there's too much repetition. (I'm generally fine grammar- and spelling-wise.)
Link: Here.
Pertinent info: It's an experiment in style, mixing in dialogue from River's sessions and using both Simon and River POV, so I'm concerned on whether it actually works. (1755 words)
Other info: Originally, this was part of a larger fic, but I'm hopelessly slow at writing so made it a stand-alone. (I might venture back here later for a plot-beta.)

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Hunting for a Beta

pen name: Luxuria Oceanus
Pairings: (For the moment) River/Mal, Simon/Kaylee (others might evolve as my writing evolves)
maximum rating: NC-17 (I usually do a lot of these)
weakness(es): Typos (I write so fast that she becomes he, dark becomes ark, etc.), bad memory (unable to remember certain name of a planet, certain part of the ship, etc) and trying to express the way they talk properly (River and Simon I can do okay...)
Writing example: First Chapter of the Mal/River ficlet in the Mal/River community.
availability: If I'm not taking classes (which currently I'm not), I'm available daily, although do expect my muse to give me some trouble occasionally. I love to write, so I usually write frequently once inspired, but when my muse is being a pain, expect disappearing acts lol.
Other: I'm currently writing a little complicated Firefly fic because I'm not writing it in order, but I'm getting there. I'm not good at action, so if anyone here can whip me in that area, go ahead! I do more drama, emotional outbursts that'll make your pulse quicken and maybe cut your oxygen, not sure lol If anyone feels up for the challenge, please, I NEED YOU!
Contact info: If interested, contact me on AIM PandorasHope7 or e-mail me at yahoo diamond_knightess. Thank you!
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